Make More Money Each and Every Month, Without Spending More of Your Hard Earned Money or Your Valuable Time. 

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How do I do that Ski?

That's the question you must be asking yourself right now. Well, you've got two choices. You can spend a ton of money and a bunch of time searching for hours and advertising your services. These trial and error methods can be slow, very painful, and quite costly. And worse, they typically bring in no return on your investment.  

Because you're reading this, I know that you want results and you want them quickly, including seeing the cold hard cash in your bank account. 

This is why I am inviting you into the V.I.P.I. Masterclass Coaching Series for Private Investigators. You'll discover a newfound power and confidence to reach more people, generate new cases, attract more clients and earn a lot more money!

The Benefits of being a V.I.P.I.

Each and every month, I will take you step by step through all of the exact methods I use that grew my P.I. Agency from a one-man operation at my kitchen table to a multi-million business in less then three years. Each month I will teach and show you exactly what to do and how to do it. 

The V.I.P.I. sessions are delivered via live online webinars inside of the V.I.P.I. members only website. You get each class in video form and can also request the audio and even a print version if desired. 

Here's what Roger said after his first month...,"Great presentation Mike. I was wondering if the membership was worth it, but now I know it certainly is. Thanks for the great info, can’t wait for more."

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to sit it on all of the Q&A calls live each month. During this time you can ask anything you like and also get help from your fellow V.I.P.I. members. 

These techniques have been created to help you land the clients you want, work the type of cases you want, and earn the income you desire and deserve!!! We will focus on revenue, profit and clients.


How to exponentially increase the revenue in your P.I. Agency.


Identify & attract the customers and partners that you desire.


 Ways to increase and maintain profit margin while you GROW.

Very Intentional Professional Investigator

If there's one thing I've learned as a Private Investigator, it's that we work in a relationship based industry that starts with the People, to develop a Process, that ultimately achieves an amazing Product!

It's supremely important to work with intention to achieve the results and meet the goals that you've set out both personally and for your business.

By joining our exclusive V.I.P.I. Monthly Masterclass Group, you'll not only gain access to valuable monthly training content, you'll also become part of a group of like-minded Private Investigators who are actively implementing my Proven System of Success to transform their careers and their lives!

Why is this important?

This is important to your growth, because you'll be able to share your successes and failures with the group. This will enable you to gain valuable insight from your peers that will be a game-changer for your P.I. agency. Additionally, having a group for both accountability and support is essential.

About the Coach, Ski

Hi, I'm Ski, and for the past 18+ years I've worked as a Private Investigator. Currently, I'm the owner of Toltec Investigations (Toltec. // Brand Protection). After working several years for a number large P.I. firms, I finally got the courage to invest in myself and start my own agency. Once I made this crucial decision, I went from grinding away at my kitchen table to operating a multi-million dollar P.I. Agency in less than three years. Now, I want to show you how to do the same!!

My overall mission goes beyond helping you find more clients, work more cases, or even make more money. I want to help motivated, hard-working Private Investigators to have the agency and life of their dreams so they are fulfilled, happy, and experience the freedom they deserve.  

To accomplish this, I will teach you strategies, systems, and techniques to master your inner P.I. so you can experience rapid results.  

I know you have options when it comes to getting advice and understand I have to earn your trust. Hear what others have to say...

Here's What Our Students Say About The Program

"Extremely informative, holds your attention, and there is no doubt in my mind that you will leave with valuable information for not only your business, but life in general. HIGHLY recommend!" 
- Danielle (PA)

"Great presentation Mike. I was wondering if the membership was worth it, but now I know it certainly is. Thanks for the great info, can’t wait for more."
- Roger (Miami)

"I've known Ski for decades. He's one of the best and can definitely help you build a successful business. Find your passion, land better clients, obtain more freedom... Mike can help." 
- Eric (Florida)


Don't miss your chance to get a special offer to become a member of our select V.I.P.I. group and gain access to loads of content that will help you transform your P.I. business!!!

$99+ VALUE - $47/MONTH

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